Meredith Kercher: What Price Memory?


Later today, January 30th 2014, yet another verdict is due in the murder trials of Raffaele Sollecito and Amanda Knox. Hopefully, if justice is truly done, they will be exonerated once and for all and the Kerchers will finally accept the truth: Meredith Kercher was killed by Rudy Guede, known knife-carrying burglar, when she unwittingly entered her rented flat while he was in the act of robbing it. I have wanted to write this post, have been thinking about it for several years, but quite frankly have felt intimidated by online trolls and been fearful of causing offense. But now, today, it seems important to acknowledge the elephant in the living room and publicly question what drives the Kerchers to continue ignoring the evidentiary facts and persist with unfounded accusations against two innocent people, while displaying zero interest in the one guilty party who can definitively be linked to the crime.

Does intense grief excuse a person from doing horrendous wrong? This is the question I have pondered over and over again since I first began researching the Meredith Kercher murder and subsequent witch hunt against Raffaele Sollecito and Amanda Knox. The guilty person, Rudy Guede, has long been identified and to any sensible and thorough researcher of the evidence, his lone involvement is beyond question. There is no DNA evidence linking Sollecito and Knox to the crime, no motive and neither of their psychological profiles are compatible with violent murder. The original prosecution case of a “sex game gone wrong” (what even is that?) was a fabrication of Prosecutor Mignini, already convicted for similiar misconduct in the infamous “Butcher of Florence” investigation. This is a man who has demonstrated a lurid obsession with ritual-sex murders arising from a fantasy world that is reminiscent of the plot of Kubrick’s last film “Eyes Wide Shut”, only as re-imagined by David Cronenberg. The revised theory, that Knox killed Kercher due to disputes about cleaning, is equally ludicrous and utterly fails to explain how this would involve either Rudy Guede or Raffaele Sollecito.

Despite the 100% lack of evidence against Knox and Sollecito and the 100% existence of same against Rudy Guede, the Kercher family, via the tabloids and in collaboration with Mignini and their publicity-hungry legal team in Italy, have continued to insist that Knox and Sollecito are involved. This sad and wrong-headed obsession of the Kerchers has already cost both innocent youngsters 4 years of their lives, spent in Italian prisons before being acquitted, and now that the acquittal has been overturned on a technicality, they still are prevented from moving on with their lives. It has been particularly impossible for Sollecito, who lives in Italy after all, to rebuild his life and return to the pursuits he had prior to meeting Amanda Knox at a classical music recital in 2005. Neither of them will ever be free of association to a horrific crime, simply because Knox happened to be the victim’s housemate and did not flee Italy, unlike Kercher’s supposedly better friends (British students), but remained there hoping to be of help to the investigation and solace to the Kercher family when they arrived. For this she was rewarded by becoming the chief defendant in a shocking trial while Sollecito, with even more tenuous links to the event, had his fate cruelly lumped in with hers.

Thousands upon thousands of online trolls, particularly those based in the UK, continue to write vicious character assassinations about Knox and Sollecito, even going so far as to access their private Facebook pages and engage in ugly flame wars with both them and their many supporters. I myself have been on the receiving end of bizarrely vicious abuse from fanatical haters, for comments I’ve published here and elsewhere online in support of Raffaele and Amanda. One of these, who may or may not be the Hollywood film producer Don Murphy*, spews venom of a particularly vile hue. (*Paramount Pictures did not respond to my enquiries trying to determine if this prolific online troll is in fact the producer of “Natural Born Killers” or an imposter. The online consensus appears to be that it is actually Murphy, which beggars belief, if true.) The Kerchers could stop all of this hateful libel in an instant but they don’t. In fact, they encourage it with their own persistent accusations.

It is considered in extremely poor taste to criticize the Kerchers. (I am sure I will get some really nasty emails after posting this. I can handle it.) After all, their Meredith was savagely butchered and they have experienced unimaginable loss and suffering, all in the full glare of the public eye. They are considered untouchable due to their status as the victim’s family.

But I am going to criticize them today, as well as analyze their reasons for behaving as they have done.

As proven in cases like the Robin Hood Hills murders and some other wrongful convictions, it is indeed possible for the victim’s family to rise above their own personal pain and seek true justice and not be satisfied with the wrong person(s) being punished. This is a very high moral standard and I realize it may seem like asking a lot. But ask yourself this: if a loved one was killed, would you really be happy that as many people as possible were jailed for the crime, or would you want to be absolutely certain that only the guilty were punished?

I can’t even imagine being in the situation but my claim is that I would aspire to the latter position. I would not want an innocent person to suffer to compound the suffering that had already unfairly occurred.

So Why Can’t the Kerchers Accept the Truth?

John Kercher describes himself, within the first few pages of his sad book about his daughter Meredith’s murder, as a freelance journalist with 30 years experience working for major national news sources, doing features and celebrity interviews.

Odd then, that when I try searching for his by-line, the only “celebrity interviews” I find are a couple of Q&A’s for the website This Is Money, with someone I’ve never heard of called Carol McGiffin (apparently she appeared on Loose Women), and the slightly less obscure singer Jane Macdonald (also of Loose Women “fame”) from late 2008. Mr. Kercher’s by-line does not even appear actually and the Q&As do not even fill a whole newspaper column. I don’t find any other published work, other than in connection with his daughter’s murder, with John Kercher’s name attached. Elsewhere, he has been identified as having worked for the tabloids which is certainly much closer to the truth.

So he was certainly no star reporter but reading between the lines, it’s safe to assume that he was at least on the professional fringes of the lesser newspaper business for some time.

Which explains why when he heard the very first news of a murder in Perugia, before he even knew for sure that the victim was his daughter, John Kercher was on the phone, not to the Home Office, or his daughter’s Italian flatmates, but to what he describes as “the foreign desk of a national newspaper”. He does not name the media outlet, but it stands to reason – given his background and the fact that he does not name it – that it was a tabloid. My guess is that it was either the Daily Mirror or the Daily Mail, both of whom have been at the forefront of the witch-hunt. Their agenda, headlines that sell papers, and his, keep Meredith’s name alive, became fused on that day and have not parted ways since.

I am not the only person to recognize that celebrity seems to be at the heart of the Kerchers’ quest “for justice”. By John Kercher’s own admission, what really bugs him in all of this is the amount of publicity that Knox has received: “It’s all been about Knox” he complained to the Daily Mail (14 April, 2012).

It’s as if he wants someone else to suffer as he has suffered, because Meredith suffered. Why should another pretty young woman, his daughter’s age, get to live the rest of her life when Meredith’s was cut brutally short? Why should the newspapers be fascinated by Amanda when they should be focused on Meredith?

Actually, the reverse is true: the only reason anyone outside of the Kerchers’ immediate circle is even still talking about Meredith is precisely because of Amanda Knox. Without her, without Sollecito, the murder is banal, ordinary, and would have disappeared from the papers years ago.

John Kercher, from his own work experience in the tabloids, knows this. He knows that a story about a girl killed in a botched robbery, while tragic, is sadly nothing special. Newspapers, especially tabloids, thrive on the sensational, the shocking, the unusual. So the Kerchers need Amanda in order to “keep Meredith’s name alive”. Raffaele, practically ignored by them and the prosecution, is merely collateral damage: because he is Amanda’s alibi, necessarily he must be roped into the circle of guilt as well or the case against her falls apart.

I can imagine the warped emotional logic that has driven the Kercher family to persist in their ludicrous belief that three people, not one, killed their Meredith. It comes down to three central points.

1. If lovely Meredith must be killed so cruelly, let it at least be “the crime of the century”; let her have some kind of status in death that would reflect on her specialness as a person. To accept that there was nothing uncommon, nothing unique about her murder is somehow even more demoralizing.

2. The regard for Meredith as someone strong and special nurtures a desire to believe that she could have defended herself from a lone attacker. After all, as Mr. Kercher has somewhat pathetically pointed out, she was really good at judo. But anyone with unclouded reason knows that judo learned in a gym environment is no match for an experienced criminal with a knife. Especially when it’s a contest between a small female and a larger male.

3. Jealousy. If one of the female flatmates had to die that night, why couldn’t it have been one of the others? As Amanda has stated, she might have been at the flat that night as well in which case, she might also have died. Or perhaps together she and Meredith could have resisted Guede? Either way, the very continued existence of Amanda is an affront to the Kercher family. She has come to symbolize the life that goes on despite tragedy. Each year she gains in age represents another milestone that Meredith will never achieve and for this Amanda must be punished.

The Inconvenience of Raffaele

In all of this, as has been noted by other commentators, mention of Raffaele is weirdly lacking. He has been dragged into this and then barely even considered, by either the prosecution or the Kercher family. More than anything else, more than my lengthy perusal of the evidence, more than my sure instinct that Amanda Knox was not capable of committing a murder for which she had no motive, it has been the person of Raffaele Sollecito that has proven to me beyond a shadow of doubt that the prosecution case is totally empty. For all the machinations that have attempted to portray Knox as a she-devil, a pervert, a sociopathic killer, there has never been a single credible explanation for why this gentle and shy young guy, in the throes of first love, would have participated in the murder of his new girlfriend’s flatmate. It just doesn’t make any sense at all psychologically and when taken together with the fact that he would have had to levitate while wearing a full-body latex suit in order to leave no DNA behind, the conclusion of his innocence should be a foregone one.

Since the acquittal was overturned I have had a little correspondence with Raffaele, via Facebook, have read his book and communicated with his friends and found that his integrity and kindness are impossible to question. Throughout it all he has shown incredible strength, honour and compassion. If it were me, I would be filled with hatred for the Kercher family at this point; relatives of a girl I barely knew trying to destroy my life. But Sollecito has never displayed anything of the sort, instead he has reached out to them via the media, expressed his great sorrow for the family and even visited Meredith’s grave. He is a better human than I am.

It is my greatest hope that the verdict due later today will be the right one and that the Kerchers will finally accept the truth: their daughter died for nothing in an unexceptional act of senseless violence and they have been persecuting innocent people for years. I hope that they will finally see how wrong they’ve been and realize that Meredith, if she was half as nice as people say, would want her family to apologize to her friend Amanda, and Amanda’s friend Raffaele for hounding them in her name.

For Meredith Kercher’s memory is not served well by this debacle.

If the wrong verdict comes in then I only hope to high heaven that Raffaele left the country last night.


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11 Responses to “Meredith Kercher: What Price Memory?”

  1. Michael Framer Says:

    Great article, and a very brave one too!

  2. Michelle Moore Says:

    Great blog. As I mentioned on twitter (I tweeted this) it’s important to try to understand the family, even if it’s maddening to those who weren’t reigned in by a very weasley Attorney (Fransisco Maresca) and Prosecutor (Giuliano Mignini) who they fully trusted to be on their side. They should have been there to help them but instead they used them. Just like they used Amanda and Raff as their scapegoats. If there is justice today (the day of the verdict) it will be a miracle.
    If there is not, all help will cut loose for such a wrong verdict and such an obvious saving face attempt by the Justice System in Italy.
    I heard that the air in Italy is changing big time, but this doesn’t mean it will affect the Court. For now, we can only pray. It might be another very tough season of life, but I know that if they were wrongly convicted again it will mean that this is no where near done and over with. And unfortunately, this will also mean furthered, continued grief for a family. I feel sorry for them, while yet still frustrated that the truth is there. Only they can come to find it I suppose and have been told by people who I believe might know them. You’d think their friends who know would try… thanks for your blog.

    • 66witches - Cultural Detective Says:

      Hi there Michelle. Yes, you articulate some very good points. I think you are probably right that the Kerchers allowed themselves to be used. It would be very heartening if someone in their inner circle would try to get them to see sense, but I think they are surrounded by people who would never dare to question them in this way. Above all, I find it so very strange that they don’t seem to care at all that Guede could be released as soon as 2016! Thanks for tweeting the post too. The negative verdict has come in, as I’m sure you know by now. But we supporters of Knox and Sollecito must not be defeated. I’m hoping that someone will organize us into a unified voice of protest. I am looking into whether there’s anything I can initiate, such as a petition. Just not sure who to direct it at! I hope that the lawyers for Raffaele and Amanda will consider taking it to the European Court of Human Rights. Watch this space! Thanks for reading, and writing. x

  3. Sylvie M. Roy (@Millstream30) Says:

    I’m glad you have the courage to say it. Patience and sympathy for the Kerchers is running thin for many people now.

    • 66witches - Cultural Detective Says:

      Thanks Sylvie. Yes, it’s pretty frustrating to say the least. Sadly, they seem no closer to considering that they may be wrong. I am wondering what we can all do now that the guilty verdict has come down. Looking into petitions, letters of complaint to whoever it is that oversees the Italian judiciary. Will keep you posted!

  4. last days of empire Says:

    “Either way, the very continued existence of Amanda is an affront to the Kercher family. She has come to symbolize the life that goes on despite tragedy. Each year she gains in age represents another milestone that Meredith will never achieve and for this Amanda must be punished.”

    I think you’ve hit on something with that analysis. I’ve been totally mystified by the Kerchers’ collective refusal to consider the forensic evidence or question their certitude. Then yesterday, I think it was Stephanie Kercher who said ‘maybe we’ll never know what happened that night.’ So the answer to that is to rabidly continue to insist on the guilt of Knox and Sollecito, and start arguing well in advance of the final ruling that the US must extradite Knox — even while acknowledging that the truth of what happened might never be known? This is an utterly incoherent and irresponsible position for someone who claims to seek justice for Meredith.

    The miscarriage of justice in this case has so many parallels (especially the prosecutor’s Satanism angle) with the West Memphis 3. It’s tragic. And I just do not understand the Kerchers’ ugly, very public thirst for vengeance and their ceaseless push to destroy the lives of two people whom the evidence does not support had anything to do with killing their loved one. And I agree with you — I do not understand their lack of focus on Guede.

    My hope is that, as with the West Memphis 3, justice will prevail and Knox and Sollecito will be exonerated.

    • 66witches - Cultural Detective Says:

      Thanks for getting in touch and giving those cogent examples. Excuse me for the belated reply. I’m a very bad blogger! 😉

      Yes, the West Memphis Three case has a lot of parallels. I’m also reminded of the McMartin Preschool case in the 1980s. What really scares me, when I go online, is reading all the contemporary superstitious stuff from people who really and truly believe that there are secret satanic cults doing human sacrifices all over the place. When I dip into the “illuminati” websites for example (nearly all written by evangelical bible thumpers in not-very-good disguises) I am astounded by the comments that I read, many of which are NOT from bible thumpers but so-called regular people. They swallow the most outlandish and libelous statements about people (usually celebrities), propose ludicrous theories and name numerous living individuals as suspects in various horrendous murders, paedophiliac rapes and other hideous crimes. They base their convictions on the most slender and flimsy of clues; things like what address someone used to live at, or the fact that they once played golf with someone who knew someone who once rode in a car with someone who was at a black mass.

      It makes me think of the Salem Witch Trials and how frighteningly possible it is that something like that could happen again today. Oh wait…it already has! That’s exactly what the Kercher trial was and is.

      People like us just have to keep talking about this case, supporting Sollecito and Knox publicly as much as possible, writing letters to newspapers whenever they print some shitty slanted article, ditto with TV and Radio stations, and make it so the rebuttals to the lies become as well circulated as the mouldy old falsehoods themselves.

      Whenever I feel sorry for myself for some of the injustices that have befallen me, I can honestly find strength from the example of Knox and Sollecito and the way they have faced much more enormous and daunting assaults.

      As we try to continue feeling sympathy for the bereaved family, despite their crazy mission, I do think it’s important to try to use psychological reasoning. I wish that some interviewer with the ability to get in touch with them could push past the barrier of compassion and ask them the hard questions about the hard evidence and their lack of concern about it. But they seem to be very good at isolating themselves and only talking to “yes men” in the media.

      It has also been suggested that the fact the Kercher family is interracial may have something to do with their unwillingness to accept that “the black guy did it”. This would certainly explain the insane accusations of racism that I and other supporters of Knox and Sollecito have also been hit with (I also have a cultural and ethnic mix in my background, not that it should matter).

      I do think that justice will prevail in the end but how many years of their lives it will take Knox and Sollecito is the tortuous question. And there will be some in the troll brigade who will never let it go, even if a videotape should emerge of Guede committing the brutal act, alone. That says horrible things about a certain sector of humanity….

  5. Leah Says:

    Thanks for writing this post. I absolutely agree with what you have said. The complete lack of critical thinking, dearth of evidence of the involvement of AK and RS in Kercher’s murder, the absurd behavior of the Kercher family, and complete injustice of it all infuriates me to no end.

    The prosecutor and tabloids have made themselves look ridiculous by seizing upon the idea of “satantic,” cult abuse in the Knox case. It is particularly ludicrous given the complete lack of evidence reliable evidence against AK and RS and peculiar medieval mode of operation in the Italian courts in general.

    That said, and while I agree with you almost completely, I take issue with a portion of your above comment. I personally loath to use the word “satanic,” because I am not an Evangelical or even Christian, and the word invites a kind of dualism.

    However there are people who have come forward in the past decades claiming to have been victims of what can be called dark occult ritual abuse. I don’t necessarily think such things are widespread, or at all involved in Kercher’s muder, but as a reasonable person, I can’t completely dismiss the possibility of its existence in general.

    I agree there is no relevance whatsoever to this particular case.

    • 66witches - Cultural Detective Says:

      Hi Leah, sorry for the long delay. I’m just now resurrecting this blog (now that I’ve ditched that vampire, Facebook). Thanks, firstly, for reading and weighing in. I am aware of the claims of ritual abuse that have been made over time, but I am extremely skeptical of these because I remember the McMartin pre-school case, the ensuing “satanic panic”, and ultimately the total lack of any supporting evidence that such acts took place. There are weirdos and freaks out there and I’m sure that people have been sexually exploited in ceremonial practices of all sorts of fringe cult practices, whether “satanic” or otherwise. But I do not believe the idea, popularized in Kubrick’s film “Eyes Wide Shut” that there is some kind of centrally organized, power elite of the rich and privileged that meets to abuse and sacrifice people. The Web is full of such stories and I personally have known several individuals who themselves recovered false memories under hypnosis and claimed to be victims of ritual abuse, later admitting it was an implanted delusion. Prosecutor Mignini was obsessed with this crazy Illuminati-style fantasy, and it was the downfall of the case and the reason justice was delayed by so many years. That was my point in invoking that and I meant absolutely no disrespect to anyone who has genuinely been sexually abused, whether ritually or otherwise. After all, I am one of them. Thanks again. xoox

  6. Kelly H. Says:

    just came across your blog and I was blown away by how much of it is Exactly what I have been thinking since the beginning of this case – you have touched on all the key points and have communicated this in a well written article – I too am confounded by the Kercher Family unable to accept the fact that both Knox and Sollecito had nothing to do with Meredith’s murder. Did they not review how the supposed evidence (knife, bra clasp, footprint, etc) was found insufficient and tossed out of court? All the facts have been laid out for them – the knife from Sollecito’s kitchen drawer did not have a single speck of Meredith DNA on it, nor was it cleaned with bleach, and it was TOO BIG – yes, it was proven that the blade was too long, it could not have possibly made the incision as it would have jutted out the other side of Meredith’s jaw by about 4 inches! How can they not see that, even after viewing the actual photo proofs in court. As for the bra clasp, oh which laid around the room for 45 days, gathering who knows what on it, the clasp had a minute speck of Y chromosome DNA (LCN – low copy number) the DNA could easily be attributed to several members of the court room, including the Judge, as it was not a ‘skin cell transfer’ of DNA (which would have pinpointed Sollecito) but a Y chromosome speck, indicating a male (not a specific person) and easily attributed to any one of the males working for Scientifica Policia, or stepping into that house, since it’s quite easy to transfer DNA with gloves, boots, etc while handling objects. Again, just to repeat – it was a speck of Y Chromosome DNA not “Skin cell” DNA. While Rudy Geude’s actual Skin cell DNA was found all over the Bra, all over Meredith’s clothes, and Inside her body as well as around it. I repeat – Guede’s “skin cell” DNA (specific DNA from his skin) was INSIDE the Body. There was absolutely ZERO DNA of Amanda or Raffielle in Meredith’s room, or on her person, or on her clothes. As for the bloody footprint, more like a wet splotch on the bath mat, it has already been measured and reviewed and photos and measurements show it is an EXACT match to Rudy Geude. I ask myself, what is it that the Kercher Family cannot understand? Are they illiterate? Can they not read English or see a PowerPoint presentation that lays out the photographic evidence? Are they that blinded by their insatiable vengeance that they simply do not care? I also have to wonder if the shoe were on the other foot, and it was Amanda who had the misfortune of interrupting Geude during the burglary, and Meredith were the one defending herself would the media and the guilters then be hounding and slandering the Kerchers? What kinds of horrible things would the media say? I’m guessing probably a lot. In short, I only just wanted to say that thank you for writing a great article and expressing what 95% of us are thinking! it is time for the Kerchers to stop wallowing in pity, admit they were wrong in their accusations, and move forward. This kind of crime was tragic, yes, but there are a lot of other tragedies in this world, some even more so, all we can do as human beings is learn from this and move on.

    • 66witches - Cultural Detective Says:

      So sorry for delay. just getting back into this abandoned blog. I want to tell you how very much it means to me that you reached out and wrote this. You point out several key things that I didn’t get into (but read about in my research) and which prove to me that you are a fellow truth-seeker and someone who doesn’t just spout off reactionary opinions. I want to acknowledge your effort in understanding the facts of this case and urge you to continue with your interest in false convictions now that this case is over. I am sure you are aware of the Innocence Project and know that there are many other unresolved cases that need our attentions now that this has finally been resolved. I hope you decide to get involved in telling the truth another one! All the best! xoox

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