The difficulty in achieving decorum whilst dancing on a grave

You don’t have to be the Dalai Lama
to dislike the way that Barack Obama
announced the demise of Bin Laden, Osama
cheerfully chirpy like Bananarama
the suddenly smarmy once-charming Obama.

It’s starting to look like a well-scripted drama
The acting’s not great but what’s real is the trauma…

…Imagine the life of an opium farmer
In a world that needs morphine to keep patient’s calmer
But what about Big Bucks for bully Big Pharma?
Whose suiticals strengthen their financial armour
By making in labs from here to Yokohama
What’s wild in the land of the “desert llama”

If you don’t believe me then go ask your Mama
It just isn’t nice, maybe even bad karma
As clueless as taunting a well-known self-harmer
To celebrate death like you’re havin’ a Pajama
Party – It’s sick! Not to be an alarmer
But never trust no one especially a charmer…

Angry Mob by Peter Clarke, available at Deviant Art


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