The Bitter Taste of George Clooney’s Coffee Ads for Nespresso

I’m a happy whore!

I just found out George Clooney is a whore. No seriously. Yeah, I know you probably thought, as I once did, that he was one of the cooler of the Hollywood stars; one who dared to go out on a limb with risky agenda movies, was politically astute and not just a shallow, jaded, vain piece of shit who will shove his mug in front of just about any camera in order to push absolutely whatever evil soul and planet destroying product some corrupt bastard is trying to ram down naïve consumers’ throats, as long as he gets paid enough.

But I was wrong. Because that’s exactly what he is: a totally shameless sell-out Corporate whore whose endorsement of Nespresso in Italian adverts has seen sales of their satanic machines sproing skywards by a CEO-drool covered and quite simply staggering 35.5%.

So what, you might be thinking? Well if you have a soul and are not an unfeeling, unthinking, moronic, automaton with shares in Nestlé or Mr. Clooney himself, you will soon be just as enraged about this as I am. Please keep reading.

Putting aside for one moment the obvious question as to WHY a person of his enormous personal wealth and choice of juicy film roles would stoop so low as to star in ads flogging ANY product, let alone this one (which I will return to later), let’s look at why Nespresso is a particularly bad product  to promote for any one who claims to have a social conscience. I am totally amazed that none of George’s advisers tried to talk him out of revealing for all the world to see just what a phony, hypocritical, greedy and thoughtless scumbag he really is. This has GOT to have massive negative repercussions on his public image, and quite frankly I am doing all I can to ensure that this is the case, and I hope that after reading this you will join me in this divine mission.

Firstly, let me acquaint you with the Nespresso machine, designed for the germ-phobic, health-and-safety mad, lazy, convenience-crazed, culture we have not just “become” but certain people are determined to turn us into. Corporations and advertising agencies (and Hollywood movie stars) are making a lot of money out of selling heaps of flashy rubbish that turn human beings into slavish consumers who are afraid to get their hands dirty.

For those who have never seen one, which seems unlikely considering their near ubiquity, Nespresso is an automated espresso maker that utilizes (and requires) pre-measured vacuum sealed coffee portions in circular pods that are popped into a neat little cubicle on top. Slam down the lid, and then all you have to do is get a plastic cup and stick it underneath, press a little button with a picture of a cup of coffee on it and hey presto – instant espresso!

You’ll notice that when you first open the pod capsule on top, to put in the new coffee pod, this neat thing happens where an ingeniously designed plastic lever-type article, sort of flips the old, used pod into some kind of invisible chamber behind it, which is of seemingly limitless capacity. (Or maybe you just never work late enough to see the night cleaners empty the fucking thing.) But as many environmentalists have pointed out – there is no “away” when you throw something away, as the Great Pacific Garbage patch, estimated to be the size of Texas, amply demonstrates.

There is a tremendous amount of packaging and boxes within boxes involved in the Nespresso machine and its pods, and rather than being an innovative product, in fact it does a job that people have had very little trouble doing for thousands of years with the minimum amount of resources. Nespresso is firmly positioned on the bottom level of the lowest and worst category of products,  i.e.  a pointless gadget nobody needs that is also environmentally destructive. Not only is it about the most un-green product imaginable, capable of unnecessarily “simplifying” something that can easily be done a million other ways (and better!) by devices that do not create any waste, but it is also a Nestlé company!

How can Mr. Clooney, highly-paid Hollywood whore, claim to care about Africa with his high-profile pleas on behalf of Darfur, whilst simultaneously doing ads for a company that is still the subject of an International boycott over its baby milk products that have caused an estimated 1.5 million infant deaths in starving Africa? Nestlé’s involvement in the coffee industry likewise, is equally dubious and suspect. They are featured on Corporate Watch as being guilty of massive corporate crimes  from heinous labour violations to I-don’t-give-a-shit environmental practices and are even implicated in the deaths-by-assassination of several Union organizers. Only a single Nestlé product out of 8,500 brands has been awarded the “Fair Trade” certification, a token effort of epically cynical proportions that was greeted with a lot of hullaballoo and was solely perpetrated in order to cash in on what Bill Hicks might’ve called “the Green Dollar”.

So let me spell it out for you. I guess the benefits, if you can call them that, of the Nespresso device, are that you can make a reasonably OK cup of Joe, without: cleaning, needing to know anything about coffee, being able to hold a spoon, or read.

‘Course it’s useless without the little aluminium coffee pods. But that’s OK because, as you might have guessed, you can buy them exclusively from the Nespresso Corporation!

All of this is great news for Nespresso but devastating for Bialetti, the makers of the original stove top espresso pot, still unsurpassed in quality, durability, and the cup of coffee it makes and which is both a modern design classic and environmentally clean. In fact, it looks like their company is going under as a direct result of Nespresso’s Clooney-assisted success.

That’s equally bad news for the residents of Omegna, the town that has been manufacturing Bialetti espresso pots since 1919. These cleverly simple steel pots are the perfect blend of form and functionality, and are frequently referred to as an “icon” of design; one is even on display in NY’s Museum of Modern Art.

So it is both good to look at and does an excellent job while lasting pretty much for ever and at the same time is a family-run business that has been an important part of the economic and cultural life of a quaint, ancient Italian town for over 90 years.

At the risk of sounding like a plugger for the company: the Bialetti unquestioningly does make an unrivalled cup of espresso that far surpasses the offerings of machines like Nespresso, which are never quite hot enough. A friend of mine who travels to Africa a lot has taken these pots over there as they work in any situation in which you can generate a heat source from below, including of course over open fires. Try that with a Nespresso.

Of course, the Bialetti company, like many traditional Italian and artisinal others, has been savagely struck by the recession. But Nespresso’s  sales surge is seen as one other directly corresponding cause of Bialetti’s decline. And Mr. Clooney’s involvement in Nespresso’s ad campaign  must not be under-estimated.  You just have to look at the timing of the ad releases and the spike in sales to satisfy yourself that there is a direct link.

In addition to that there’s the sensorial anorexia that such a product proposes. Although the Nespresso ads featuring George Clooney make a big hill of beans (sorry) out of the intense and sensual aroma of the final product, the very usage of a vacuum-sealed espresso pouch robs the user of another of the key sensual delights of making a cup of coffee and that is smelling and handling the freshly ground beans!

For heaven’s sake, have we become such a hyper-sanitized culture that the thought of spooning out heaping mounds of gorgeous rich brown grounds, which have a special aroma all their own, is to be shuddered at because it carries with it the icky possibility of spilling a few on the floor that you have to clean up later? Is that the experience from which Nespresso and George Clooney are trying so valiantly to rescue me? You know, it’s shit like this that defines the moment, on whatever nefarious graphs evil advertising agencies employ whilst hatching their dastardly schemes, when “consumer” replaces “human being.”

Who on earth is trying to create the kind of sick, zombified and helpless population that would want such a device? Duh. The company that makes it and those that are hired to make it sell. And, evidently, George Clooney.

Fuck! If ONLY Bill Hicks were still around (a sentiment I feel far too often)…

And if that wasn’t enough, Clooney’s bad coffee karma even has another side-dimension. In December of last year, Nespresso was sued by rival company, Lavazzo, claiming that the whole Nespresso ad campaign featuring Clooney, was a rip-off of one of Lavazzo’s ads in the first place. So these ad agencies are poaching concepts off each other, Nespresso is helping put Bialetti out of business whilst polluting the earth and George Clooney, the Hollywood star with a heart of green, is pocketing what was surely an enormous fee in order to help bring about this catastrophic sequence of events.

I was actually willing to believe that perhaps Clooney was somehow unaware of the contradictions in his very publicly avowed concerns about the environment and Africa and the Nespresso ad campaign, that some spectacular blunder on the part of his advisory team had resulted in him genuinely not knowing about Nestlé and the ramifictions of his moonlighting for them.

However, a little research dug up a story going all the way back to 2007 shows that not only is Clooney keenly aware of Nestlé’s well-deserved bad reputation but attempted to distance himself from their activities with these immortally feeble lines:

I’m not going to apologize to you for trying to make a living every once in a while“, he said to a pesky reporter at a Venice press conference, at which he was promoting the film Michael Clatyon, who dared to ask him how he could reconcile his Nespresso ads with promoting a film which claims to expose corporate corruption? Just to remind you of the plot, or for those people who had already decided they didn’t want to watch George Clooney movies a long time ago, Michael Clayton is described on Wikipedia as chronicling

the attempts of attorney Michael Clayton to cope with a colleague’s apparent mental breakdown and the corruption and murderous intrigue of a major client of his law firm being sued in a class action case involving toxic agrochemicals.”

Leaping hypocrites Batman!

He continued to rebuff the reporter by going on to say, “I find that an irritating question,” and was reported to be unsmiling throughout.

What happened to that cute and cheeky little grin with which he’s helped shift so many Nespressos? I guess he didn’t feel that this role required it. Though how he could be so clueless as to seriously think he can convince people that without the Nespresso gig he’d be reduced to selling oranges by the side of the freeway on-ramp remains a baffling mystery!

We are talking about a guy who earns $25 million a go, for spending a few weeks basically playing a fancy version of “let’s pretend”,  in between being pampered like a prize-winning Persian show-cat and doted upon by fawning sycophants in ways that are almost too morbid to think about.

Why in the name of everything right and good and strong and beautiful; why in the name of the earth and the sun and the moon and the stars and the sea; why in the screaming, twisted, contorted, bloody FUCK does he need to make a little extra dough on the side by pimping himself out to the likes of Nespresso?

Meanwhile, George Clooney’s impressive PR spin has him winning plaudits for his supposedly pro-environment stance, and photo-opp driven work on behalf of Darfur. I found one stomach-churning such piece of filthy, starstruck, rubbish on a site called Renewable Planet, here’s the link if you can handle reading the entire thing

If not, here is a choice quote, from within the “Celebrity Greenographies” section – greenwash/hagiography is more like it:

More and more, Clooney seems to be getting into this environment thing, showing love for eco-friendly gadgets, like the Commuter Cars Tango, which gets 135 miles to a charge. He was reportedly the first to own one. In typical Clooney fashion, he then set his sights on another fast-moving beauty, more specifically the $100,000 Tesla Roadster, which runs entirely on electrical power and gets the equivalent of 150 miles to the gallon”.

So because he’s rich enough to afford some Top Gear-level high-performance car which also happens to save some apparently desperately-needed cash on the gasoline, he’s an ecologist? What?

And if you haven’t tossed your cookies yet, this gooey ego-wank goes on to conclude:
Showing compassion for life and the environment, when it’s clear from his looks and charm that he doesn’t need to gain popularity votes, it’s obvious why George Clooney keeps topping the hot lists.”

I’ve already written a letter to the explaining the above and asking them to remove the piece, and I urge others to do so too.

Meanwhile, let’s all remember to boycott both George Clooney films and ALL Nestlé products, including the despicable Nespresso instant-toxic waste maker. A client of mine has one in the office and I’m ashamed to say I’ve used it on numerous occasions. Because I wasn’t fucking thinking. But now I am, and I’m going to ask him gently to get rid of it.

If Clooney wants a starring role as the Milky Bar Kid, fine – but that is one disposable flick that would be scored at the absolute tippity-top of my “must miss” list.

Note:  I am using the word “whore” in the sense of Definition 3, The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language: A person considered as having compromised principles for personal gain.

It is not intended in any way to be a slur against sex workers.

Erratum:  An earlier edit of this post incorrectly identified the Nespresso pouch material as being made of plastic.  An eagle-eyed reader who knew their stuff spotted this and let me know that actually it’s aluminium, which is evidently worse. Thanks for that – I’m always happy to be corrected when I’ve gotten something wrong. I alway want my facts to be beyond reproach!


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47 Responses to “The Bitter Taste of George Clooney’s Coffee Ads for Nespresso”

  1. Noelia Says:

    Found this via Google alerts and am hoping many more will come here to read.

    It’s not only about the single portion pods though, and they’re not made of plastic but of aluminium which is a lot worse.

    It’s also about Nespresso’s lack of providing real Fair Trade coffee, the one with the Fair Trade seal. Instead they’ve gone and created their own “AAA Sustainable Quality ™” program. They say they made a $55,000 donation for “preserving the rain forest” in 2007, which is a rounding error on the profits they get from destroying the rain forest. Nestlé is a company that made a profit of roughly $10 billion last year, so one should think they could be a little more generous.

    Of all the coffee they sell, roughly 1% is produced under their self-made label.

    For more on this, go to

    And then there’s more on Nestlé, Nespresso’s parent company: think of e.g. the Baby Milk scandal, where they influenced mothers in many African countries to use formula instead of breast milk. Formula that’s got to be used with water – but who has access to clean water?

    I could go on…

    But yeah, dear Mr Smug Looney has blood on his hands because of willingly associating himself with a comapny that is not reputable at all.

    • 66witches Says:

      Thanks for that correction I’ll make that change (alumimium vs plastic) and the additional information. I have a friend whose been working for Baby Milk Action so yes, I’m aware of that excellent campaign.
      Best wishes and please feel free to distribute or quote. xxx Diana

  2. sadie Says:

    I find it interesting that someone who once modeled for the Gap would be so up in arms about this. The Gap was exposed as having child labor sweatshops in India only in 2007. I’ll bet that you would eat a baby to be cast in a blockbuster Hollywood film, dearie. And guess what? Most of Hollywood is funded by arms dealers. Just sayin’. Aren’t we all whores in our own way? Really now, have a cuppa and calm the hell down.

    • 66witches Says:

      Ah the age old “you are not an ascended being who has been formally sainted, and therefore you may never critique the atrocious hypocrisies of others” argument. Yawn. Not very clever Sadie. Whoever you are, you must surely be an old nemesis of mine hiding behind a fake name. I am not so vain as to think that my fame has spread so far and wide that a 1989 gig, when I was a young lass, and which earned me exactly $750 and included the opportunity to be shot by Annie Liebowitz (which was the attraction) would exactly be a matter of general knowledge! All of the public awareness of GAP’s questionable business practices dates from within the past 15 years at the most. The example you cite yourself arises from 2007. Likewise, the Fisher family (GAP owners) savagely entering into the Redwood timber market happened in the late 1990s, a decade after my ad. By this time, believe me I did plenty of activism for the resistance. George Clooney has absolutely no excuse whatsoever for plugging Nespresso. He doesn’t need the money or the visibility, it’s a crap product and it exposes his phony claims of environmentalism whilst also forcing closure of an excellent and ethical old company. What exactly, Sadie, is your problem with my comments. I am sure that Hollywood is funded by arms dealers as you say, although the relevance of your point is rather lost on me. And whilst I appreciate your concerns about my mood; if by calm you mean an anaesthetized robot, then no, I’m not calm and don’t see why I should be. There are a lot of things in this world that are well worth getting pissed of about. And regarding your equally unoriginal observation “aren’t we all whores in our own way”. No actually, we are not. As I made a diligent effort to make perfectly clear, I was using the term “whore” in its definition 3 sense of “a person considered as having compromised principles for personal gain”. And one more thing you’re quite wrong about “Sadie” is I would not “eat a baby” as you so imaginatively put it, in order to be cast in a Hollywood blockbuster. As my relative obscurity should affirm, I have not pursued that sort of a career at all. The underground is the place for me. Which is not to be confused with “a hole in the ground” into which you have presumably slithered back down by now. Dearie.

      • sadie Says:

        clearly i hit a nerve and i apologize. as for Gap being PC when you represented them, well it is rather doubtful, but perhaps you are correct. i am not a nemesis, just someone who finds these sort of rants amusing and i am sure you didn’t think anyone would call you out on your Gap affiliation, which made it all the more tempting. barely know you, just found this by chance and remembered the ads, being in the city for so long. anyway, enjoy your obscurity.

      • 66witches Says:

        The nerve you hit, Sister Sadie, is the one that gets jabbed when people are just unnecessarily rude under the guise of being oh-so-clever. Too clever by half, as they say here in the UK. If you find my rants amusing, great, that’s at least part of the intention. But why not in that case, send a friendly note rather than a bitchy one as you did. Even this “apology” ends with what I call a fuck-you handshake and I just don’t see what in my writing, or my having appeared in a GAP ad 21 years ago has done to earn that kind of spiky response. Ah-ha – I caught you ought! You seemed to be saying – you can’t talk shit about George Clooney because you once did a modeling job 2 decades ago! I just find that puerile. Join the cause instead.

        By the way, I didn’t imply that Gap was deserving of that rather soiled term PC at any time in its history, only that it was a rather proletariat type cheap jeans shop at the time, that I myself had spent my teenage wages on Levis at, so it wasn’t considered a nefarious brand at all at the time. In fact it was distinctly un-hip and the whole point of the Annie Liebowitz fronted campaign was to transform their image, which it did. Within a couple of years they were no longer featuring up-and-comers or underground faces, as they had the year that I was involved (I also knew at least 3 of the other 7 or so “San Francisco artists” featured in the spread) but had people like Miles Davis and Neneh Cherry involved. At the time I suppose I was rather innocently proud of being featured although I was mightily pissed off when they changed my preferred description of vocalist/performer to singer/actress which made me want to gag!

        It was a few years later, after GAPs fortunes grew and they were no longer just a place to get 501s on sale, but their own “brand” and that’s when the aggressive production methods and stuff with the Redwood trees started to come out. I think I did penance for my ad by doing a lot of “reverse shoplifting” in GAP during later years: I would take tons of stuff into the changing room and stuff all the products with leaflets saying “If you see this before you leave the store do not buy it, if you find it after reaching home please consider returning it” and then a list of the Fisher family crimes.

        My point is that I think it’s really lame when people are expected to live a blameless life and that someone who smoked a joint as a teenager shouldn’t be able to be president for example is just a load of bollocks.

        So why you had to say you thought I would “Eat a baby” to be in a big movie just struck me as really crude, nasty and extremely presumptious since as it turns out you don’t know me at all so have no reason, real or imagined, to have a personal gripe against me.

        Funnily enough, your choice of phrases reminded me of the very person I suspect of having stolen the Annie Liebowitz print that I was given after doing the shoot and which I would have very much liked to have kept as a record of that time in my life, shot by a world-class photographer. I don’t particularly enjoy having my picture taken but Annie made me feel really relaxed and I loved the final shot, although they ended up using 2 or 3 over time.

        Anyway, I intend to enjoy my life, whether in obscurity or recognition.

        If you feel like further responding I’d be absolutely fascinated to learn how you came across the GAP ad. I thought I was an expert web searcher but I’ve not found it and as all I have is an old greasy copy of a magazine somewhere in storage, would have liked to download a copy for myself. Maybe I could get the dumb writing off of it, which obviously wasn’t on the print.

        Pax Vobiscum

  3. jan zuppinger Says:

    he truly is a whore. what else?
    thanks for the rant, diana. gotta rant more myself again.

  4. Rebekah Shaman Says:

    Thanks for your comments – more people need to know the truth about our so called celebrities and what they are really like beyond their ‘personas’

    I don’t think I will ever understand why ‘celebrities’ get so enticed to promote these huge corporations that are systematically destroying our environment. L’Oreal is another case in point.

    Look how many of our female and now male ‘role models’ smile out with perfect white teeth and shiny hair claiming ‘Because your worth it” but what about the Planet!!! Because their horrible, chemical-filled products are poisening us and our environment!!

    Blessings Rebekah

    • 66witches Says:

      @Rebekah Thanks for your comments. Check out on my list of Cool Products for Ladies an ethical make up company I did research for in San Francisco. Not only are their products environmentally friendly but they fund woman’s issues charities worldwide! I should e-troduce you to Jody the founder. xxxx

  5. JC Says:

    See, this is why I am your biggest fan! Awesome post. Viva Bialetti!

  6. clooneyfan Says:

    Well, u can see me as clooneyfan here and I am not ashamed of being one even after reading your articles, many points of which I agree with.
    In his defense George Clooney never claimed he was an environmentalist because he owns a private jet. He ‘publicly’ prefers convenience over all else.
    But that is no excuse to prefer/endorse Nespresso’s machines. Surely anybody who had more than one cup of real coffee wouldn’t want such vacuum cleaned automated crap called coffee. I don’t. But since when have consumers world-wide started demanding products which they only absolutely need? Surely you’ve lived long enough to have heard people say they did not need computers!! And had the activism prevailed we would’ve been in a different world wouldn’t you say? Definitely the Information Age, we so love right now would never have surfaced.

    So if the generations to follow decide to prefer shiny aluminium (or hopefully some other Environmentally friendly packaging material) pods to coffee beans, could you hold it against them when you have given up on the sensibility of handwritten mails to the automated signatures of e-mails?

    Pardon me, but this is how I would like to justify the existence of those wretched pods to myself, because at the end of the rant as much as I want, I would have control over my preferences alone and no one else’s.
    (I would ask you here to think as a normal person who’s choices are based on ‘likes’ and ‘conveniences’ rather than an activist who’s choices are based on ‘what is right’)
    So whether it is ‘necessary’ or not, George Clooney’s endorsement of the Nespresso machine is justified as far as the functionality of it is concerned.

    So, those are my thoughts on 2 of your points:
    1. The Environmental issue which I don’t have a stand on as long as George doesn’t proclaim himself to be an out and out Environmentalist.
    2. The issue of whether we need the machine or not which I cannot summarize but you get the point.

    Coming to Nestle’s widespread corruption, you are bang on. It’s nothing new, all these allegations on Nestle and I heartfully wish for the damn corporation to go down the drain. I have been an activist for Greenpeace’s campaign against Nestle “Ask Nestle to give rainforests a break” myself and have done a whole lot of reading regarding the same.
    I also agree with you on the assumption that George Clooney knew all about Nestle’s wrongdoings having read Baby Milk Action’s press releases among other justifying reports. He was definitely in the wrong in associating himself with a company like Nestle and I really hope George Clooney would stop endorsing the company’s products soon.

    On the other hand, advocacy is the right of every concerned individual. And by individual I mean the simplest definitions of it which does not include multi-million-dollar-corporate-representations or a thirty-million-fanbase. I’ll come back here, but first consider this.
    You might just be wrong that George Clooney ‘does not need the money’. It is estimated that 90% of his income originates from his endorsements. So, it would be a considerable dent in his earnings if he lost his biggest endorsement, wouldn’t it? You might not agree with me, but I’m sure his personal personal finance manager does and so would his investment partners and advisors.

    Which is why I ask you to consider him as an individual alone and not what he represents or the finer (minuter) points of his income generation and its usage. It is a completely personal choice and it is utterly ridiculous and communist to discuss ‘how much he ‘should’ earn’.
    In a gist, about Nestle all I’m saying is, other than mouthing ‘corporate whore’ I might also want to add ‘Business is business’. Just to be fair.

    So if such an individual who is moved by a cause dons the role of an advocate and dares to go against a lot of forces in voicing the troubles of an obscure nation of sufferers, I would totally support him despite what his lackings are.
    At the end of the day, people in Darfur have been benefited, the situation in Chad had been enlightened and victims in Haiti have received relief! And what did George Clooney get from that except a felicitation here and there and a lot of flak because the way he earns his money is not 150% pure?
    Someone who only ‘claims to care’ would not take off unassisted and unprotected to Chad with Nick Kristof. Someone who could be defined by the word ‘whore’ would not sacrifice the so-called personal gain for more than five years working for a losing cause, even while accepting he is losing it. Someone who ‘does not need the popularity’ and ‘is not running for president’ would not do what all George Clooney is doing unless he/she genuinely cares about a cause.

    So please do not undermine his efforts where they directly matter just because he erred elsewhere, but had not eaten the baby himself.


    PS: No, I am not doing this to profess my undying love for George Clooney and I might or might not have done this for some other personality. But, I just wanted to throw some light on the positive aspects of his humanitarian efforts because a.I knew all about it and b. I am a bigger fan of reason than of George Clooney.
    So I’d like to see if you can reason me out of this one 😛

    • 66witches Says:

      Hi Naomi and thanks for your thoughtful response. I hear where you’re coming from but I still stand by my condemnation because I do think that Clooney is getting PR mileage as an “environmentalist”. If you do a simple google search on his name and that word you will find a host of glowing and congratulatory stories about George’s green credentials. I realize that actors get paid a lot for endorsements and it must be hard to turn ’em down, but I am of the Bill Hicks school when it comes to my feelings about those in the advertising industry: they should all kill themselves. Now. I don’t therefore have any sympathy for someone who publicly proclaims themselves as believing in certain ideals, only to betray them when it comes to making cash. That is after all the definition of whore that I am using: one who compromises principles in order to profit. The reporter who Clooney so charmlessly rebuffed at the Venice Film Festival, was totally correct in pointing out the hypocrisy of making a holier-than-thou film about corporate corruption (Michael Clayton) while racking up millions on the side as the telegenic face of one of the most corrupt corporations out there! When people say things like “business is business” to justify such weakness of integrity, it makes my stomach churn. It’s the same kind of bullshit that customer service reps are spewing when they answer a logical question with the stonewalling and robotic reply “it’s company policy”. I don’t buy it Naomi. Business can either be ethical or not, responsible or not, green or not, ruthless or not. I do not accept Donald Trump’s vision of business acumen – fuck everybody who gets in your way and take no prisoners on the way to getting what you want – as being either necessary to success nor unavoidable. It is NOT true that you have to be a cold bastard to succeed, just that it’s easier to do so if you are one. Likewise, Clooney doesn’t have to pimp himself out to Nespresso. He could easily harness his army of PR people and handlers to get him a gig flogging the Toyota Prius or a host of other environmentally friendly products. Why doesn’t he? Because he obviously doesn’t give a shit and merely finds it irritating when people rumble him. This is because, GEORGE CLOONEY IS A WHORE.

  7. George Clooney’s endorsement of Nespresso: He Shouldn’t Have! « George Clooney Says:

    […] here is the full article if you want to read, but I have to warn you Clooney Fans, it is pretty raw and blows hate waves […]

  8. Angelica Says:

    Hi there,
    Another interesting thing to note is the amount of child labour that is involved in chocolate agriculture. Not just child labour, but actual SLAVERY is involved in this trade – mostly in West Africa.

    …and wouldn’t you know it… Nestle is one of the world’s biggest producers of chocolate. None of which is Ethical.

    Just something else to think about.

    Here’s a great article on Chocolate slavery:

    Interesting since George is a champion of Africa.


    • 66witches Says:

      Hi Angelica
      I’m so glad you pointed that out, and even more so that you are aware of this important issue! I once had a ferocious argument with a woman in San Francisco, about 8 years ago, who scoffed in my face when I mentioned the role of child SLAVERY in chocolate production. This silly bitch was convinced beyond a shadow o a doubt that slavery did not exist in the world anymore. At the time, I was employed researching human rights and had a lot of facts and data at my fingertips about this very subject, which was well documented and an established fact.

      She not only had done zero research but was so sure she was right she refused to listen to me present the facts that I knew.

      So again, I commend you for your awareness of the existence of slavery, yes slavery, in the chocolate industry.

      George’s PR stint for Africa does indeed get another black eye with this point you have made. But so often this is the case. I have a friend who is a human rights lawyer that has spent a lot of time in the Sudan and knows the politics and history of the region thoroughly and he is always telling me how harmful most of the celebrity campaigns are. They lack the subtelety required to negotiate the minefield of loyalties and “respects” etc. that is the way things are worked out over there. Here giving an issue press is good, over there sometimes making a fuss and then leaving means you are leaving people in the shit when you go.

      Anyhow, thanks for reading, thanks for writing, and most importantly – thanks for THINKING!

  9. Gerry Says:

    Great comment. Why doesn’t this come up top ranked on the Google search “George Clooney and Nespresso”, over all the other mindless drivel it brings up?

    • 66witches Says:

      I do not know the answer to that but suspect it may be because I do not spend money to make sure that my site comes up on searches. Google isn’t what it used to be. “Back in the day” I remember it being a flawless source of the best information but that was before you could buy your way into the stats. All I can say is that if you like my opinions, they resonate with you and you want to share them, please feel free to repost my links. Thanks babe!

  10. marshak Says:

    The last time I checked Aluminum is easily recycled locally and the company does its own recycling at its boutiques. In fact unlike plastic recycling aluminum is easier and goes further.
    I find this secondarily surprising because anyone who has used a Bialetti, see your local Bed, Bath and Beyond (how bad could they be doing), knows that the machines design of metal on metal grating in the joining of the two halves of it, makes billions of tiny little aluminum flakes and dust which fall conveniently right into your coffee. I was anything but impressed.
    The real disappointment here is the outrage overall logic. Aluminum, especially in this minimal and thin configuration is easily recycled and reused with little effort numerous times. This is, in my opinion, just nitpicking nonsense. People buy what they like. I cannot fault Nespresso for outselling anyone, they didn’t force or occupy anyone into buying their product. Peruse enough coffee boards and you’ll never even hear the name Bialetti against the conglomerate of machines manual or otherwise that make Espresso. On the right forums the only thing that matters is the resulting coffee, regardless of its source. Perhaps then, not everyone shares your love of the result of these devices. I am not going to save a tiny town anywhere if it means I have to buy a product I simply do not like, perhaps they should make one people do like instead. We’re all adults, this is how the world works.
    Since these machines came out I expected there to be some overzealous coffee snobs coming out of the woodwork and complaining because we all do not wish to get up earlier to devote the time necessary to grind/tamp/brew/froth/and then clean (you can’t leave milk residue) every morning before work just for some heavenly cup of coffee. I love great coffee, but I also have a life. I reserve that kind of attention to coffee when I’m not actually working and amongst the other activities I have. The Nespresso makes a decent cup of Espresso, but it dies it consistently every time. We cannot all have the liberty to leave work for a visit to a local Barista, assuming you have access to one in the first place and I do not count Starbucks. There are millions who drink Starbucks who might love the Nespresso as I can promise you it’s worlds above their product, which again has managed to accrue customers on its taste. I don’t agree with it, but I would not take anyone’s freedom to have that opinion. If people like it, they like it, it becomes the clear winner by volume of purchase.
    I do commend you for your concern for the world, however, I think this particular subject and target are lesser worries and have some hyperbole behind them. Perhaps if we don’t like child labor it would be more productive to change those countries governments and therefore laws since ousting one company leaves only room for another. Meaning your yelling loudly and making changes, if you can even change or destroy the company at all, that essentially do nothing. For that matter, who is NOT guilty? I don’t trust anything when it comes to that. How many times have I seen a foundation come under fire for supposedly doing something that is in direct opposition to what they claim to exemplify, more than enough to know better than to give any one of them anything more than a fleeting momentary consideration. In that respect I think you should be wary of what you consider “right” or “upstanding”.
    What I see is someone on a mission, you won’t be deterred. That is fine, it is your right, and the intent is great.. but caution to those who follow: be realistic, consider the true solutions to problems, consider the rules of fair competition, and indeed “think”. You thank only those who agree with you for thinking but it’s plainly obvious every responder thinks, and many for themselves. They simply do not agree.
    I’m hard-pressed to believe you, or anyone for that matter, is an angel of environmental and social woes and problems. Sorry, in a very famous line, Everyone Lies. In the broader sense of the term and its implied meaning, we all also make mistakes, and do things. So, forgive me for not being surprised Clooney is not the Environmental Jesus and for not believing you are either.

    • 66witches Says:

      I’m tired and though it is not elegant all I can be bothered to say to you right now is fuck off. I never thought Clooney or myself was any kind of “environmental Jesus” and I will critique whatever hypocrisy it amuses me to dissect whether you deem it worthy or not. Bu-bye!

  11. Says:

    So, i will be the fist to comment this year, and i just wanted to say that nespresso is absolute shite, and i can t believe malkovich has joined the band wagon, and endorses thix crap coffee, i am sure these snobby actors drink better coffee, i read some bull shit thread on the web that john malkovich owns 2 nespresso, one in francz and one in usa, what a load of garbage, i own a delonghi, you put your fresh beans in one compartment, a,d you get an excellent cup of coffee every time,simple,ecologocal,and exceptional.

    The other thing, i don t think americans should,have a say in this post relating to the taste nor the quality, as it is by far the worst country in the world for getting a decent cup of coffee, i mean, come on, starbucks for christ sake, a load of tasteless black water!!!

    I know i am off subject here, but wanted to contribute, as i cant understand why clooney and malkovich need the money, and could slump down by selling for an evil company …


    • 66witches Says:
        Thanks Laurie and Happy New Year. I was bummed to see Malkovich in the new ads too. But that’s Hollywood.

        People forget that those faces up there on the screen that so many idolize and admire have, for the most part, less than a normal high school education. There are some exceptions (and let ME go off topic for a minute to point out that the incredibly drop-dead gorgeous hot actor Sam Page has a degree from Princeton in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. Sam, if you see this – call me – I want to do some genetic experiments with you!)…uh, where was I…there are some exceptions but the vast majority of these people, and ALL of the ones who “make it” when they’re young, have extremely poorly developed intellectual skills. If they were kid actors then they had on-set tutors for a couple hours a day coaching them to pass multiple choice tests. Acting is about emotional recall and intelligence isn’t necessarily an advantage. In fact, it’s my understanding (from an old journalist friend who used to interview all the celebs for Rolling Stone and Playboy etc.) that some of the most celebrated actors are extraordinarily dull in person, like they were empty vessels unless they had a character to play.

        Classical stage acting is perhaps a different animal and that observation not so true. Then again, classical actors usually have classical educations, certainly here in the UK. So British actors that go on to make it in Hollywood – Emma Thompson, Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie – are obviously not the people I’m talking about. They’re all Oxbridge graduates. But in the US, you can start doing cereal ads when you’re two and be a front-page story billionaire by the time you’re 16; it’s a different scene.

        So in a way I understand why Clooney would think of the Nespresso gig as just another payday. There’s not all that much difference, qualitatively, between the average Hollywood movie and the average TV commercial. Malkovich, with his stage background one might suppose to be a bit smarter. However, I decided to do a little research after getting your note, and discovered that John Malkovich is a crazed right-wing lunatic who has made death threats against journalist Robert Fisk and UK MP George Galloway. So he’s an utter fucking creep as it turns out and therefore it’s hardly surprising that he should sell out to Nespresso. Spread the word Laurie! And keep up the good coffee! xxx

  12. D Flynn Says:

    Wow! This is the bad side of allowing mindless muppets the right to ramble a spew their opinions all over the internet. Your message isn’t what bothers me, its the tone and language you use to insult. Put your energy to something useful.

    • 66witches Says:

      Hello maestro of the mindless muppets! You must be the person I’ve been waiting for all my life! The one who is FINALLY going to tell me what “useful” thing I should put my energy towards! I will put everything else on hold until I hear further instructions from you. Too bad like most cowardly mindless muppets of the Internet you have adopted a false persona and name and submitted a phony email address, so it’s unlikely you’ll ever appreciate the fact that I bothered to respond to your mis-spelled and ungrammatical put-down. (I know it’s hard to remember, but you DO use the apostrophe when it’s NOT the possessive case.)

      That’s OK, I’m grateful really, because I now realize that absolutely everything I’ve ever written has been a complete waste of time. George Clooney is probably next in line for the Nobel peace prize and I should really take more care with my tone and language when being outraged by his whorish-ness. Yes, yes.

      Mostly though I’m grateful to you, oh anonymous poster, for this wonderful new phrase you’ve coined: “the right to ramble a spew” – that is just so great and I’m a-gonna use it all the time now! I’m thinking T-shirts, bumper-stickers, posters…. “NEVER GIVE UP YOUR RIGHT TO RAMBLE A SPEW!” Maybe I can get Banksy to paint it underneath a bridge, or hire a plane to skywrite it over London during the Olympics?

      The thing is, invisible genderless cipher that you are, it’s not the tone and the language you use to insult that bothers me, it’s your message.

      All kidding aside, I genuinely, genuinely am dying to know what you think is useful to be energetic about and wonder why you didn’t elaborate?
      Maybe it’s because once you’d rambled your spew, you didn’t really have anything of substance to say yourself?

      “Wow!” indeed.

  13. laurie Says:

    Always a sycophant lurking down the muddy waters of nespresso, by the way D Flynn, you just got your arse kicked !

    • 66witches Says:

      I feel like I should know who D Flynn is?

    • 66witches Says:

      Laurie! Now I realize who you meant by D Flynn! I’m so pleased with myself that I forgot that name! I just got it now when I scanned down the page! People are weird on the Internet and like to hide behind their anonymity to vent ugly things. I’ve probably done it a few times myself! But seriously, it is odd. I’ve seen stuff on threads say, in the aftermath of some scandal with a Hollywood starlet, in which commentators will spew some incredibly violent and ugly scenarios. Partly it’s in a parody of outrage and revenge but some of it is really quite illin’.

      I remember after Winona Ryder was busted for shoplifting that I came across threads in which people fantasized extreme tortures like pouring boiling oil into open wounds where her skin had been flayed off etcetera because she was such a worthless hollow piece of trash as her recently exposed insatiable lust for free designer goods had undeniably exposed.

      A reformed teenage shoplifter myself, I understand the psychological complexities of the obsession behind availing oneself of a bit o the ole “5 finger discount” and so am not so quick to judge.
      But that’s not even the point, I’ve seen equally violent and fantastically provocative stuff in many other places too. As a supporter of Raffaelle Sollecito and Amanda Knox (victims of wrongful murder conviction in Perugia, Italy) I have also seen unbelievably hideous and hateful curses written not only against these two unfortunates but anyone who is sticking up for them.

      My friend Tamsin Omond, a bright star of activism over here in the UK, is subjected to a lot of online abuse. There seems to be a coterie of anti-Tamsin people that go out and populate message boards with slams against her. A favorite is calling her a narcissist, because she courts publicity. This is ridiculous because activists HAVE TO court publicity and she is obviously not doing it to make herself the subject.

      I have been shocked at the meanness at some of the things I’ve read, and when I think about how I’ve sometimes crumbled in the past to be the subject of rumour and gossip (some of it even untrue) I had to ask Tamsin how she dealt with the Haters.

      I can’t remember verbatim what she said but it was with her usual good natured charm and basically boiled down to she didn’t give a shit. She gives a shit about something more important, you know what I mean?

      That’s such a good thing to remember. I’m a little thin skinned, which makes me meaner when I’m attacked.

      I’m working on it.

  14. booshisloose Says:

    my god! if people want to buy a nespresso machine, so be it!
    it doesnt matter who advertises it, you need to give people some credit, were not all morons who buy what the so called “rich and famous” tell us to buy.
    i own a nespresso machine, and to be honest i think its great! i had never even seen the cloony ads until tonight.
    and, i will be recomending this product to everyone i know!
    so, dry your eyes, because there is nothing you can do to stop a perfectly good product from being sold.

    • 66witches Says:

      You are hilarious! You are the hands-down winner of the Unclear On the Concept Award, 2011! I only just saw this now because I’m actually very busy so I do apologize for the delay in announcing your win! Your prize is the following clarifications: I can write about whatever the fuck I wish to write about on my blog just like George Clooney can pimp himself out to whatever corrupt corporation is paying the most while hypocritically painting himself as some kind of champion of the oppressed with lame stunts like his recent phot-op/arrest “on behalf of the Sudanese”. And just like you have the freedom to purchase a Nespresso machine every day for the rest of your life, you also have the right to not read my thoughts. Personally, the best coffee maker I’ve come across is the Aeropress, which doesn’t require electricity and also fits in one’s luggage. I had a prophetic dream the other night that I’d like to share with you: the world (as we know it) had totally collapsed and the electricity grid had been disabled. You and your Nespresso tribe (carrying aloft the mummified remains of George Clooney), were all sitting around a fire with spears. You had plenty of coffee, and plenty of Nespresso machines, but without any electricity, you had no way to make coffee with it. Still, you did try and were all deeply inhaling the toxic fumes as the plastic melted. Over the other side of the hill, me and all my far more intelligent and charming friends were happily percolating coffee in our Bialettis, which can sit right on top of the fire. Now “booshiloose” – naff off. Go read Perez Hilton or something more on your level.

  15. inspired Says:


    […]The Bitter Taste of George Clooney’s Coffee Ads for Nespresso « 66witches's Blog[…]…

  16. Laurie Palmer Says:

    boosihisloose, or bull shit looser,perfectly good product, WTF? it’s crap, and so is that evil dark shit that pour’s out of it, Nestle is the root to all evil, check it out, google it if you don’t believe me , the use Child labour,etc.

  17. Dan Says:

    Agree with a previous comment, no issue with what you’re rambling on about in this but wow, real douche bag attitude and tone of voice. Personally, I don’t care in the slightest about the topic, especially about George Clooney’s activities, likewise with probably 99.9% of the population, I’ll get along in life just fine regardless of whatever he is doing.

    The world is a commercial market place, shit happens, a few people are affected by something and this happens, you get individuals preaching about the evil that ‘spews’ (see what I did there) out of global corporations. Not to mention you treat blog interaction as some sort of battlefield, where you’re literally shoving your opinion down peoples throats.

    Perhaps other than whining in a self fabricating way on the internet you can go and organise a rally outside of a Nestle factory or something with the other minority that care, and then have the idiocy to stipulate a reason to whine about protesting miss-understanding or the medias lack of orientation. Boring, boring boring, there is more to life than 1000+ word rambles about aspects of society literally almost everyone doesn’t care about.

    Got to admit though, I did find it quite funny you didn’t realise the capsules were aluminum, given you have used a machine on ‘numerous occasions’, extremely observant of you.

    I do expect I will receive a reply to this, as you seem to have a very controlling and domineering approach to replying to comments. I may even reply, assuming your comment is not as long-winded, repetitive and whiny as the post itself.

  18. 66witches Says:

    Dear Dan

    Although I’m unsure what “whining in a self fabricating way” is supposed to mean, I’m pretty sure I’m not guilty of it. (That’s almost as good as “ramble a spew” – which I was also accused of by another Clooney fan.) As for your suggestions regarding other useful ways I could help the anti-Nestle cause, I am an activist In Real Life, who has supported Baby Milk Action for years. Writing satirically about Clooney’s hypocrisy is just another form of protest.

    As for being “controlling and domineering” – this is my blog (why oh WHY can’t some people get this??) and I can do, say, write what the fuck I like. I don’t get paid for it, nor do I want to be because that is the only way to be truly liberated in one’s expressions.

    I am hardly shoving my opinions down people’s throats either. I have no idea how you even found my blog and I do zero self-promotion.

    Your email is hardly brief, not particularly well-written and is completely humourless.

    Whereas my blog is hilarious!

    Oh gosh, have I earned your “reply”! Oh it will mean so much to me if you haven’t found me “long-winded, repetitive and whiny”. My fragile ego awaits your strokes.


  19. Deborah Says:




    • 66witches Says:

      Sorry Deborah, it is you that is mistaken. As you well know, multi-national corporations such as Nestle often have numerous subsidiaries, running into the hundreds, of different brands and brand names that they trade under.

      Here is the link to the Wikipedia entry for Nespresso which clearly states that it, and Delonghi, are just other brands owned by Nestle.

      Also, if you read my article you would have noted that in fact George Clooney has already been confronted about this; he well knows who owns Nespresso, has never denied working for Nestle but rather got most un-charmingly grumpy when questioned about it at the Venice Film Festival (that’s Venice, Italy, the same country where Nespresso has had such a negative impact on Bialetti).

      It sounds like you’re a Clooney fan that finds it hard to believe that he would work for Nestle. Why? Because he has carefully cultivated a public image of a caring, no-sell-out, eco-friendly kind of guy.

      So I suggest that, as a fan, now that you KNOW I am telling the truth: George Clooney really IS a Whore, that you voice your disappointment to him. Galvanize other Clooney fans into pressuring him to put his money where his mouth is and stop working for Nestle or stop accepting awards for his work on behalf of the environment and as some kind of humanitarian.

      This has worked with other celebrities. Reese Witherspoon was recently shamed into not carrying a python handbag by animal welfare activists for example.

      So good luck with that and I’m sorry to have to be the one to tell you that you are wrong, George would and does make ads for Nestle, in full knowledge that this is in direct contradiction to his stated politics. Ironic isn’t it to be an activist for Africa whilst advertising for a company that has further starved already starving African babies.

      Go forth and spread the word Deborah!

  20. Deborah Says:

    By the way, thanks for the info on the Bialetti espresso pots. I’ll see if I can find them online- I prefer to support family run businesses too.

    • 66witches Says:

      That’s wonderful. They really are a wonderful piece of design and also will literally last forever. I have to admit however that I do not use one. I use something called an Aeropress which is really clever, perfect to carry when traveling too. Look it up online. It’s good for those situations when a plug maybe easier to come by than a flame – here in the UK water is typically heated using an electric kettle. With the Aeropress it is possible to make excellent tasting coffee, more quickly than any other method other than instant, which as you are well aware tastes like filth. I actually think it is the best cup of home-brewed coffee I’ve ever made and it only costs about 20 US dollars or here in the UK where everything is a massive rip off, it costs 20 pounds (about 28-30 dollars).

      I recommend having a Bialetti AND and Aeropress and then you are completely covered for any coffee-related needs in life!


  21. Mehdi Husain Says:

    Hi there,
    very nice article, although it might touch it’s goal more effectively if it didn’t sound mainly like a rant.
    You’re right on everything though. I would just add that the Nespresso machine is a modern way to express social status like Apple products, Mini Cooper cars, Brompton bikes etc. When you see someone praising one, there’s a pretty good chance he owns one or all of the others. Thus, it has nothing to do with taste or quality. Just like Apple users are completely ignorant of what other machines are capable of and tend to focus solely on design and shiny ads, Nespresso drinkers are fairly newcomers to coffee. Most Nespresso lovers I know compare it to Senseo which is the Philips/Douwe Egberts equivalent to Nespresso and tastes like cold donkey urine : it’s so easy to compare, just like Windows/Mac, that you tend to lose all your IQ while doing it.
    Nespresso just doesn’t taste that good. It’s just everyday coffee with a taste to satisfy the norm but with a marketing budget that could transform the Sahara into a rainforest. Nestlé apparently succeeded in shoving in people’s brains that they kind of invented the concept of “coffee mix”. Good for them.
    If one should compare Nespresso to anything, he should go for real italian espresso that you find in any italian street caffè (but surely not Starbucks). Big machines, heavy steam pressure, homebrew coffee or real italian mix. Luckily, italians have exported this worldwide and it’s easy to find. There are even really different tastes even if without cheesy packaging. The comparison isn’t fair to Nespresso. (By the way, “100% arabica” doesn’t mean “better”. It’s a matter of taste. “100%” is just a number just like “Nespresso” is just a brand.)
    You can buy such a machine for your home. I own a Krups machine (approximately 150€) but many brands do theirs. Then you can buy Illy, Segafredo or Lavazza in any shop. But I’d recommend you to go a little further than that. In many reasonnable sized towns, you can find coffee brewers who offer different types of coffee. Here in Brussels, Belgium, there’s the Renardy House that offers two excellent italian mixes (Expresso Dolce, Expresso Forte) that they grind to your taste or sell you in beans. Those are EXCELLENT coffees that hit most of the time Nespresso drinkers like a baseball bat. The funniest : such a coffee is almost five times cheaper than Nespresso.
    If you use a real espresso machine, you should ask to your coffee dealer which type of coffee goes with what type of preparation. Don’t try to make an espresso out of an ethiopian coffee for example : you’d just detroy the flavour.

    I’m not against Bialetti pots and I like the coffee they make although I wouldn’t compare it to any espresso machine (Nespresso or else…) since it’s another method to make coffee. For a real espresso, you need a steam machine that pumps the essential juice or your coffee within seconds. If water stays for too long on the ground coffee it macerates and the flavour changes. You should know that a real espresso tends to contain less coffeine/volume than other types of coffee because coffeine is released during the maceration process which doesn’t exist in espresso machines. An espresso (from an steam pressured machine) tends to have more viscosity and to contain more fat (a kind of “coffee butter” that ressembles the “cocoa butter”) thus more taste than the typical Bialetti coffee.

    If you want to make a good Bialetti coffee, here’s a little trick given by the novelist Tonino Benaquista in “Saga” : try to use the purest water possible, then dip your little finger in salt and put four or five grains of salt in it (your water shouldn’t have a salty taste). Just like too pure water doesn’t wash soap on your skin, it won’t drain the essential taste out of your coffee. That’s what the salt is for.


    • 66witches Says:

      Thanks for that incredibly detailed exposition on coffee making! Brilliant. And thanks for your positive comments on the article. Yes it is a rant and a particularly OTT one at that. As I’ve explained to other readers though, I don’t actually have any goals for this blog other than for it to be a place for totally uncensored opinions (mine that is – I delete other people’s stuff at my own discretion). So many people have always said to me that I “should” write professionally, but once you start taking money for something you are immediately at risk of being compromised. One pro writer friend of mine, Cintra Wilson, makes more on “kill fees” for refusing to allow publication of hatchet jobs on her work than on actual assignments. Even so I haven’t seen her publish anything but fluff in years.

  22. Mehdi Husain Says:

    Hi there again.
    I’m sorry for the spelling mistakes all over my post and I thank you out loud for your very lovely voice in every line of your blog.


  23. click here Says:

    My partner and I stumbled over here by a different web page and thought I should check things out.
    I like what I see so i am just following you.

    Look forward to exploring your web page repeatedly.

  24. erika kasser Says:

    i loved this article. i was searching for just this sort of information (as if nestle alone wasn’t reason enough) to get rid of my nespresso machine – very quickly. it worked! i will admit, i love my nespresso and i’ve had it for MANY years. i even take it with me on vacation (they have protective suit cases for their machines too, did you know? i don’t have one) i live in NH and definitely live my life in the ‘green’…. knowing my major fallback is my nespresso machine i always feel weird and poser-like. but i love my nespresso. and they do recycle those pods. i had such a disgusting experience a few weeks ago in NYC purchasing my pods. i was 14th in line, with many gathering behind me within seconds of standing there. the sales people looked absolutely SPENT. grabbing pods, putting them in a bag, swiping the card, next, hour after hour …. i stood there for several minutes watching the scene and it made me sick knowing i was in on it. it’s a tough decision i’m making here, but after reading your article i vow to do away with my nespresso machine (sniff) thank you.

    • 66witches - Cultural Detective Says:

      I applaud your integrity! And never fear, I have a suggestion for a portable coffee maker that is much smaller and easier to take with you traveling that the Nespresso, and also makes a terrific cup of coffee, plus it’s really inexpensive: the aeropress. Unlike the stovetop percolators, you just need a source of boiled water to use it. OK, it itself is made out of plastic, but it’s very small and uses ordinary ground coffee plus these tiny paper filters.

      You should be able to order one online if you can’t find a supplier near you. I’m glad, by the way, to know that Nespresso does now have some way to recycle the pods, but I’m pretty sure hardly anyone actually does this. Certainly the office I worked at in the UK didn’t have any method for doing this and they went straight in the trash.

      Let me know how you get on with the Aeropress, if you decide to get one!

  25. gretabrena2013 Says:

    George is dead to me. I didn’t know about his connection to Nestle, and that is the last nail in his Clinton-shilling coffin!

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